Hillary’s Handkerchief Heads: Call Them Out


Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.)
Del. Donna Christensen (D-V.I.)
Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.)
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.)
Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.)
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas)
Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)
Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.)
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.)
Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.)
Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)
Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Calif.)
Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.)
Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.)
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-Ohio)
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.)
Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.)

If any of the listed Negro members of Congress supporting Hillary belongs to you, they need to hear a word from the people. I propose the following letter.

Dear Handkerchief Head:

You have been unconscionably silent in the face of Bill Clinton’s racially divisive tactics on behalf of Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign. I can only surmise from your silence that you either approve of Bill Clinton’s tactics or are too gutless to publicly register your opposition. Whatever the case may be, I have taken the liberty of writing to formally register my unbridled indignation and to withdraw whatever support I may have given to your re-election campaign.

Pretending that the President’s comments were somehow taken out of context or don’t mean what they plainly imply simply will not do. Burying your head in the sand or defending the indefensible won’t do either. It’s time to do-you know what-or get off the pot. You can delay addressing these comments if you want to, but you do so at your peril.

The Sunday morning talk shows were universally caustic against the Clintons.

On “Meet the Press,” Byron York of the right-wing National Review said, “You know, I don’t think you can overstate the amount of, of anger in–created in Democrats by Bill Clinton’s tactics. I mean, they were very, very unhappy with him. I was talking to a Democratic strategist the other day who said, “My wife just got in the car. She’s driving to South Carolina to volunteer for Obama.” They were that angry at what Clinton had done. And he also said, you know, Clinton is trying to turn him into Jesse Jackson. And sure enough, after Obama wins big, what does Bill Clinton say about it? “Well, you know, Jesse Jackson won here, too.”

Neo-Con Fox News Contributor and NY Times Columnist Bill Kristol wrote, “What do Jesse Jackson’s victories two decades ago have to do with this year’s Obama-Clinton race? The Obama campaign is nothing like Jackson’s. Obama isn’t running on Jackson-like themes. Obama rarely refers to Jackson.”


“Clinton’s comment alludes to one thing, and to one thing only: Jackson and Obama are both black candidates. The silent premise of Clinton’s comment is that Obama’s victory in South Carolina doesn’t really count. Or, at least, Clinton is suggesting, it doesn’t mean any more than Jackson’s did.”

“But of course—as Clinton knows very well—Jesse Jackson didn’t win (almost all-white) Iowa.  He didn’t come within a couple of points of prevailing in (almost all-white) New Hampshire.  Nor did he, as Obama did carry rural Nevada. And Saturday, in South Carolina, even after Bill Clinton tried to turn Obama into Jackson, Hillary defeated Obama by just three to two among white voters. So Bill Clinton has been playing the race card, and doing so clumsily.  But why is he playing any cards.?

On “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director, provides a blunt answer to Kristol’s  rhetorical question,  “But, you know, it does feel like, though, that what Bill Clinton is doing is he reads a poll, and he said, “OK, when am—how am I going to get her to 51 percent.  OK. We’ve got to figure out how to drive white men away from Barack Obama. We’ve got to figure out how to drive Latinos away from Barack Obama.” That’s what works on February 5th.  And, you know, he may not ever say that, but it feels like it’s a very tactical thing that they’ve done, and I think that’s what, you know, is going to offend the Beltway corridor, the Amtrak corridor, and, and you’re seeing a lot of, sort of, the New York and Washington Democrats who are probably going to keep coming out against Clinton on this…”

Some of us were raised to believe that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were among the best Black public servants in the country.  Your actions belie that notion and constitute a slap in the face to those that came before you in the Reconstruction era.  They fought valiantly for a seat at the table for African Americans before they were disenfranchised through the white supremacist tactics of mob violence, grandfather clauses, literacy tests, and poll taxes. 

Continuing to languish on the Clinton plantation in light of these racially divisive tactics is a betrayal of the progressive ideals of the Democratic Party and to the many unsung heroes of the civil rights movement who fought to make America a functioning and pluralistic democracy.  As for me, I am through with the Clintons and I am too through with you.


Skeptical Brotha, a Negro who has some damn self-respect.


40 thoughts on “Hillary’s Handkerchief Heads: Call Them Out

  1. Send them a copy of the Report Card when Glen Ford publishes it tomorrow. All of the listed members, with Maxine Waters being the exception, are piss-poor congressional members and have long since ceased being the “conscience of the Congress” when they began selling out and allowing Lawn Jockeys like Artur Davis to run the Caucus on the Corporate teat.

    And they do it on the cheap – trust me, they got twos and fews from Clinton; not no Duke Cunningham/Tom DeLay-type cheddar, either. Think Bill Jefferson and that $90K in his freezer, when Cunningham wouldn’t even take your phone call for less than six figures.

  2. Rick

    “I am the truest,
    Name a rapper that I ain’t influenced” – Nas

    You know what the biggest irony is about the uproar over Bill’s remarks about Jesse Jackson? (which were obviously intended to be race-baiting).

    The irony is that the Jesse Jackson campaign of 1988 actually DID attempt to run as race-TRANSCENDING. The fact that Jesse received 90% of the black vote — but was not more successful in the nomination process — I interpreted as America not being ready for Jesse at that time. Jesse also made certain mistakes that people held against him.

    But if you listen to Jesse’s 1988 convention address, if you remember the “Rainbow Coalition”, the urge for all Americans to find “common ground”…then it’s impossible to conclude he ran as a “black candidate.” He attempted to be transformative, just like an Obama. He just was not successful.

    I am saddened that Americans are being cheated out of an opportunity to more vigorously discuss the two campaigns in the context of what each was (are) aiming to accomplish.

  3. NuPolitics

    I used to work on the Hill. It has been well known in and around the Hill, that several prominent Congressional Black Caucus members resented Obama ever since he was elected to the U.S. Senate. The old guard in the CBC seemed to resent his national appeal and popularity gained from addressing the 2004 DNC. It’s not surprising that some of the CBC members are now stepping forward and publicly supporting Hillary. A few have debts to repay to the Clintons…greased hands…

  4. Lucia

    In order to understand the reasons behind the endorsememnts by Congressional Black Caucus, you must unearth where their campaign controbutions are coming from. Once you undestand that, you will conclude whether or not these people represent Black issues.

    Another thing is to dig up are the Congressional voting records. What/whose issues do they care about when they cast their votes in Congress? Are they there merely there to make noises in order to give appearances that they are fighting for something when that something could as well be casting votes in exchange for campaign contributions to run their campaigns? WHO BENEFITS WHEN CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS CASTS ITS VOTE IN CONGRESS?

    For a while, I have wondered why Cynthia McKinney was so much austracized in Congress. Could it be that she was not toeing some lines? What lines was she not following?

  5. The “handerkerchief head” tag is being placed on Black people that aren’t in office that don’t support Barak Obama. Is it true what I’m hearing then? That should Hillary Clinton win the nomination Black people are going to go vote republican? Is Cynthia McKinney not running on the Green Party ticket? People would rather vote for a republican for more of the same when their cry is for “change”, buy won’t vote for the Green Party candidate? Are Black people that don’t support Obama really “handerkerchief heads?” Sad to me. I could see Black people being tagged this way if they were doing something really detrimental to Black people, but should they choose not to follow or support Obama they’re being labled “handerkerchief head?” I don’t get it. Can Obama really pass the changes he talks about in his economic plan if elected president? Will his stance for the U.S. economy hurt the Caribbean where millions of our family members live, as did Bill Clinton when he forced changes to the banana market for United Fruit CO.? I suggest a film entitled Life And Debt In Jamaica.

  6. Bay

    When I saw John Lewis on Jim Leher run through his hankerchief head talking points they all were spouting last week, I bout died. John Lewis, a man who got beat to a pulp so that Obama can do what he’s doing, got on tv and said “Barack Obama is playing the race card against the Clintons” all I could do was shake my head. That was some sad shit right there.

    I swear, last week before the SC primary, I’d never heard so many black people in my life use the phrase “playing the race card”. It was crazy. Stephanie Tubb Jones all over tv insisting Obama was hiding behind his race and trying to make Massa and Missy look racist. Rangle quoted calling Obama everything but a dumb buck. Wait, he did call him “stupid”, my bad.

  7. The Truth of the Matter:
    Congressional District 23 (FL)

    With the steady approach of the 2008 election for Florida’s 23rd U.S. Congressional District, I present a No-Spin up-to-date examination of the geographic area that has been represented by Alcee Hastings since 1992. While it would be “politically acceptable” for me to follow the ‘sledgehammer’ rules that Hastings and his camp openly embrace (Palm Beach Post, June 18, 2007), I deem it more revealing and effective to allow my readers an insider’s glimpse into the ‘World of Hastings’ that presently exists in Congressional District 23 (CD 23) and in Washington, D.C. As we progress with this microscopic analysis, I want each of you to ponder whether Alcee Hastings is deserving of continued admittance into the hallowed Halls of Congress.

    Let us begin our in-depth study of CD 23 by taking a closer look at how The People of this District are faring under the helm of Alcee Hastings. For those of you who are familiar with YouTube, you may have already seen my video clip outlining the present-day conditions of Sistrunk Boulevard in Broward County’s portion of CD 23. The fact that I am challenging Hastings for the CD 23 seat in 2008 may lead some to incorrectly assume that I am ‘spinning’ my description of the ‘hard-luck’ living (and working) conditions of CD 23; thus, I ask each of you to view the recent StreetGangs.com video clip about life in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. As you ponder the full significance of this front-line view of life in CD 23, I ask you to consider the following:
    1) Has the reign of Alcee Hastings led to a brighter day for The People of CD 23?
    2) Are The People of CD 23 filled with hope and excitement about their employment options?
    3) Is CD 23 poised and ready to produce future generations of African-American leadership?

    Let us now consider the ‘World of Hastings’ in our Nation’s Capitol. Though much could be accurately written about Hastings’ combined Judicial and Congressional stint, I will honor my No-Spin approach by not dissecting Alcee Hastings’ record at this juncture. Instead, I ask you to review Congressman Baron Hill’s recent blog (August 8, 2007). Of note, Congressman Hill (Democrat, Indiana) calls upon the Democratic Congressional Candidate Committee (DCCC) to condemn the actions of Alcee Hastings. Of further note, Congressman Hill utilizes the same blog to instruct Democratic House leadership that Hastings should not hold, nor be considered for, leadership positions. It is noteworthy that the call for Alcee Hastings’ removal is emanating from within his own Party.

    For the purpose of maintaining the integrity of my No-Spin “Doc’s Box”, I have presented the above matters without commentary so that each of you can examine CD 23 without the distraction of political verbiage.

    In keeping with the spirit of America’s “love affair” with survivor-based reality shows, I respectfully and sincerely ask you to consider whether or not Hastings should be “voted off the island.” The time to decide Hastings’ fate is upon us, my friends. It is my firmest hope that you will make this momentous decision in a manner that best ensures the collective well-being, prosperity, growth, and safety of the nearly 700,000 people who live in Congressional District 23 (FL).


    Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr.

    U.S. Congressional Candidate
    District 23 (FL)


  8. Excellent article. Hillary and Bill are very upset that “black folks” are not staying on the plantation where they were treated so well by their “good hearted” masters.

    It reminds me of the story of Al Gore as a teenager going out to feed their black maid a sandwich in the limo while his family dined in style at a “whites only” restaurant. A ritual the Gore family followed for years.

    Septical Brotha I salute your honest expose! It’s the story that has never been told before about the elites of the Democrat party.

    I also have a new opinion of Ted Kennedy for supporting Obama so early in the campaign. You know he was under a lot of pressure to follow the orders of Clinton Inc.

  9. I dunno, SB, Hastings was one of the several CBC brothas; in fact, he was the FIRST one to publicly sling Cynthia McKinney under the bus by calling her loony.

    I haven’t forgotten that. And even if Dr. Thorpe is a morally Bankrupt Black Republican, I’m all for anyone who can make Corrupt CBC members like Hastings and Al Wynn quake at the thought of losing their seats in November.

    Wynn’s already starting smear campaigns – he filed a complaint with the FCC against Donna Edwards. So bogus, even the FCC told him to take a hike and come back when he’s become familiar with FCC laws:


  10. Cliff

    “In order to understand the reasons behind the endorsememnts by Congressional Black Caucus, you must unearth where their campaign controbutions are coming from. Once you undestand that, you will conclude whether or not these people represent Black issues.”

    Why, Why Lucia?

    Can they resist next time?

    Give them one more chance, please.

    They are only human.

    The next time, the next time don’t lose your chance, dont loose your chance , don’t lose your chance.

    When they come the next time, don’t lose your chance to resist.

    Here is how you can resist, the next time.

    Mr. and Mrs. Viper: “You know with the economy the way it is, the fed rate going up and down, ya’ never know what may happen to your assets. YOU NEED some security, we can provide that for you.”

    CBC: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I would rather keep my faith in God, than to bow to your recommendation.

    Mr. and Mrs. Viper: “How are you going to feed your family in the future, you know we control the economic boom, or downfall, we’ve wrapped our arms lovingly around those who have joined before.”

    CBC: I remember when I was deeply in the pit of fire, and could not stop praying to the Almighty, who by the way has more power than you, and I was guided to a story of the Children of Israel, and He told Moses that He would rain bread from heaven for them, (Exodus 16:4) and proved his promise (Exodus 16:15).

    Mr. and Mrs. Viper: “Your interpretation of that which is of an entity, which you can not see, but we are of those upon whom is manifested in front your eyes, offering immediate need to your desires. Our world has an endless supply of finance, pleasure without restriction, seems to me all power is yielded upon me. We could cause you to starve, if you do not accept our resource.”

    CBC: I would rather starve, call upon the All Powerful, the Almighty, the King of Kings, The Master of Creation, who also made you, and can cause you to die, and gave you the ability to rebel against Him, and gave you the power which you boast of, which is only temporary. If He allows you to eat, certainly He would allow me. I’ve starved, I’ve panged, I’ve cried, I was ready to die, until He became manifested before my eyes, which caused me to see.

  11. SkepticalBrotha,

    Ouch!… why you wanna treat me like that.

    2 reasons for running against Alcee Hastings as a Republican:

    1) The Democrat establishment will not allow an African-American Democrat to challenge Hastings despite the fact that our people are subjected to horrible living conditions in Florida’s 23rd U.S. Congressional District.

    2) Still aligned with the anti-slavery founders of the Republican Party.

    Ask around my friend, I am a real brotha who does not bend to racism (or any other type of “ism”).

    Take care,my friend.


    Thorpe for Congress!


  12. Patrick

    Fear!That is all of our motivation.The American carpet has soooo much shit swept up under it,and now we are starting to trip over it.We can’t even talk about it,it’s under the carpet,it’s not suppose to be showing.But,this carpet is the American subconcious.
    From the anhilation of an entire race people to the theft of their land and resources,to the creation of a country founded on the concept of freedom by slave owners.To the very institution of slavery and the slave trade.To the KKK.To the dropping of the atomic bomb on other colored people.To the destruction of the black family by denying our Black men jobs so that they could not provide for or protect their families.To the murder or silencing of every true leader Black or White.[If you were not living in the sixties you might not understand this.] To the highjacking and poisoning of our culture transforming us in to pimps,drug dealers and hos.{some of us were well paid to pepetuate this image}To Justifiable Homicide {to kill a black man,Mordern day legal lynching}To the wholesale dumping of drugs and guns into our community.To the destuction of an entire generation of colored people with cocaine.To the theft of the presidency.All the way down to the lie that got us into this senseless war.Any thing that might make us look under this carpet scares shit out of us.
    The NBC has more than it”s 30 peices silver.When our public trustee Maxine Waters was given the imformation
    by a white reporter to blow the head off the CIA and the Reagan and Bush administrations what happened?The
    NBC stood by as the Bushs stole the presidency.These people are paid to stay in line,Do you think these house negros are going to actually give up their seat at the kitchen table to come out in the cold with the rest of us common folk.Obama is making noise like he might look under the carpet Michelle a southside sister might even try to do some cleaning,they’re going to find a lot of shit stain draws under there.Can the NBC,the Clintons,Bushes,the racist system,America oreven us common folk afford for them to look?

  13. Rick

    Clinton Wins Florida Vote; Delegate Stance Sets Up a Fight Some Democrats Fear a Racially Charged
    Convention Showdown Over Florida, Michigan
    WSJ January 30, 2008; Page A4

    Five months after all Democratic candidates agreed Florida and Michigan wouldn’t get delegates to the August presidential convention, Hillary Clinton now says they should — a reversal that would benefit her now that she has won both states, unchallenged, following Tuesday’s Florida primary. But that, some Democrats fear, could ignite a racially charged fight rivaling conventions of the 1960s, should her contest against Barack Obama remain close to the end.

    More after the fact rules changing BS. More corporate america-type BS.

    I give you my word before everyone up in here. Skeptical Brother and everyone else. With all due respect to Ernesto being defranchised in Michigan, these are the rules that EVERYONE in the Democratic establishment, including the Clintons, agreed to MONTHS MONTHS ago. If Hillary wins the nomination because Florida delegates are seated, then I vow to rip up my democratic card affiliation and do everything in my power to make sure that @#!@#$ loses.

  14. Rick

    sorry y’all. temporary insanity. lol. I’m not sure what I’d do if it goes down as described above in the WSJ excerpt above. All I know is that it doesn’t seem fair that the Clintons get to change the rules whenever they want to. Doesn’t seem fair at all…

  15. Befree

    It’s beautiful thing to see black people use racist epithets towards other black people. How truly liberating to take the same racist words and imagery and use it on black people, we have overcome!
    Now, am I on SB or stormfront! It’s one thing to disagree, but calling black women mammys and Handkerchief head Negroes, plantation negroes ect? How progressive to degrade black people….wait white people have done it for hundreds of years, not so progressive. Sorry. It disgusting and please don’t tell me that Malcolm X did it. No one doubts that Malcolm loved us, but to adjust the quote by Lloyd Bentsen to Dan Quayle “You are no Malcolm X”

  16. salt

    The conventional wisdom is that all blacks will just fall in line in November behind the Democrat if it’s Hillary. Are they right? If blacks can’t respect themselves, how can they expect to be respected by anyone else? For those that say the right to vote was fought for with blood, the right not to vote is just as important. Is principle going to trump loyalty to the Democratic party? Perhaps the conversation with Hillary Clinton after the debate in South Carolina had something to do with Edwards’ dropping out earlier today.

  17. jessica


    On Wednesday, another political spouse was spotted at an Upper East Side fund-raiser for Mr. Obama: Alma Rangel, whose husband, Representative Charles B. Rangel, has been a leading supporter of Mrs. Clinton’s presidential candidacy and was also instrumental in encouraging her to run for the Senate in 2000. A spokesman for the congressman said he was unaware that Mrs. Rangel had attended the fund-raiser, a luncheon at the home of the art dealers Peter and Patricia Findlay.


  18. jessica

    And New York Rep. Charles Rangel, a major booster of Clinton, watched today as his own wife, Alma, came out in favor of Obama. “I believe Barack Obama has the ability to unify this country,” she said, “and the character to stand up for what’s right instead of what’s popular.”

  19. Denise

    Plenty of political families appear divided over the question of candidate support.

    I say “hate.the.game”, not the players.

  20. Denise

    Plenty of political families appear divided over the question of candidate support.

    I say “hate.the.game”, not the players.

  21. Andrea

    Don’t fall for it!

    Always be skeptical. Now I didn’t say be cynical…just remain skeptical.

    I refrained from addressing this post because what I have to say is so detailed, but…

    As for this Alma Rangel bit…I am asking that we poke at it to see if it is really dead or playing possum.

    Charlie Rangel is a motherfucker. I have yet to tell my story about how he played me. But, what I sensed of his vampire ways is that he would be so calculating to put his wife up to this.

    See…it’s a serious war between young and old more in the Black Community but my peers, the Generation Xers, never had the tools to fight them. Now we tried as single individuals and they would whip our asses and send us home. Impressionable peers of ours who wanted to believe in them, the elders and their children the Boomers, would rather deal with our broken-hearted idealism and tell ourselves we didn’t see them act these ways.

    So we made excuses for them to deal with our shattered realities that was breaking our idealism. That happened to a lot of us in the 90’s and we have been trying to make it an issue but, hey, Boomers own everything in Black Media that are bastions of credibility. Hip-Hop is too linear and Hip-Hop is primitive to see how one thing like that issue affects them. So…we know.

    We know not to take Alma Rangel’s endorsement as 100% sincere. We know to be suspicious they are playing Possum. They might jump up and bite us. Well, it’s not so much about it being Alma and all she is doing is following orders as a political wife does. I would not put this past Charlie Rangel to be final realizing that they, the Black Establishment, might have had 2 generations of their own suppressed, but this Obama Phenomenon led by mostly Whites and White and Other youths could be the catalyst to free us from their tyrannical hold.

    This week 2 twenty-something year-old in different conversations asked me why did they not see the Boomer hold over them and I told them that they have to realize that they didn’t want them or us to ever grow up. They wanted to be in charge and NEVER, NEVER pass the torch.

    Interesting how even Pelosi mentioned passing the mantle this week after Caroline Kennedy said, “There is a generation coming of age that is hopeful, hard-working, innovative and imaginative. But too many of them are also hopeless, defeated and disengaged. As parents, we have a responsibility to help our children to believe in themselves and in their power to shape their future. Senator Obama is inspiring my children, my parents’ grandchildren, with that sense of possibility.”

    I needed an advocate like her when I was getting my ass-whipped by Black Boomers.

    I have yet to hear a Black legislator talk about passing the torch prominently whereas it is their sound-bite. They didn’t want this eluded to as a mainstream platform issue amongst their Boomer peers but some White Boomers are seeing the light. They are noticing that their kids need a chance to grow and be prepared to take over. In the Black Community…they don”t get that. They don’t get it because they don’t want to because…they never planned to get it.

    If you are/were young and you wanted to work in public service, you had to be annoited by them and believe me, they haze you first. They haze you to break you and shape you but they also haze you to see how corrupt they can make you. They want to beat that idealism out of you and they have to haze you into servitude. No matter how much you act like you are your own, they own you. So that is what a lot of our peers succumbed too. And that is why we have so many corrupt young politicians. They adopted their ideologies and tweaked it to blend as a marketed version of “the best and the brightest” when they young vampires awaiting their turn.

    One politico in Atlanta, Alicia Thomas Morgan, she told me of how the heirs of politicians try to muscle her to join in on the Establishment ways and ideology. She told me they work with the Establishment to keep you in their fold. Actually I heard that from another child of an Establishment member in DC.

    So I would not believe anything of serious consideration in sincerity coming from Alma Rangel. I really think it is Charlie Rangel protecting his ass now that Obama’s movement is over-shadowing Hillary’s.

    Obama might not win but Obama is winning the desire of a populace that wants change. Generation Y is bigger than the Boomers. And all he has to do is shake the Gen X members from the Establishment’s tits.

    Young Blacks will be the last ones to really catch on to what is going on just because of the structure of the Black Community. They have been bred to be cynical because it keeps them distracted and out of grown folks way.

    I see Charlie Rangel worried about Gen X and Gen Y Blacks becoming educated to learn that the CBC leaders have held us hostage to ignorance so they could stay in control.

    Always be skeptical of the wives of politicians when paradigms are being broken and shifted. A wife still has to eat and believe me, that man uses that to keep her in place.

  22. Andrea:

    I guess I’m between Baby Boomers and Generation Y’ers, but you make really good points. I’m in the age bracket as Obama, so I know of what you speak. Anyone 60 and over does not want to give up the reins to the generation behind them; but some, like John Conyers, have had cause to hang on to the reins a little while longer, when you see the only ones in Generation Y’s zone that the “establishment” wants to pay attention to are sellouts like Harold Ford, Jr., Artur Davis and Kendrick Meek.

    In other words, the “non-threatening” Negroes who hint to the “establishment” that if you put them in charge, they will corral the rest of us and whip us back on to the plantation and make us behave.

    Others, who have held on to the reins too long, like John Lewis, need to have them stripped out of their hands, because they feel no one else can do it better than they can.

    One of Dr. King’s worries towards the end of his life was that he spent so much time on building the civil rights and poverty movements, he failed to train those coming after him in what to do when he was no longer around. Instead of getting more inspirational leaders like Dr. King, we got Jesse and Al – and at least Al will still go to jail for the right price.

    Those of us under 60 know damned well what to do. It just depends on how many of us are going to get “mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!”

    What you say about Charlie Rangel may be correct, but there’s some loud whispering on the Hill that the Rangels have indeed gone their separate ways. While I can see a Congressional spouse being silent on who they would endorse if the candidate isn’t the same one as their spouse, having Alma Rangel on the Obama bandwagon isn’t going to shyt for Charlie, since he’s already on record calling Obama “stupid”. Obama has a good memory, and trust me, if he gets POTUS, he’s going to remember Rangel calling him stupid and no amount of spousal bandwagoning from Alma Rangel is going to help him.

    If he’s that much of a bastard who played people like he has, then Rangel gets what’s coming to him, especially for grooming Hillary to run for these higher offices when he could have been grooming another young brotha or sista to whom he could have passed that mantle of which you speak.

  23. Obama is considered an uppity Black by the Jessie Jackson/Al Sharpton wing. They make their money off of speaking for their people and fetting payoffs from corporations to stay on good terms.

  24. Andrea

    Political Junkie,

    Well if the word is out that Alma Rangel really has “found her voice” too at such an old age, I applaud her because he hurt me as an elder with such a pompous, elitist candor when I was at the CBC conference in 2006. It really broke my heart about him of his stature and how evil he is. It was way of showing me I should be silenced. So I empathize if that is what at the root of this endorsement.

    Don’t get me started…reliving the caddish exhibition of a public servant (his ass) acting superior and then, at that, superior and condescending over a younger person doing the crusading work. Please! He is vicious. He is a vampire that roams in the daylight! (Alma probably wants her life back. The blood drained from her soul. She wants her soul back. I’m assuming. Check her neck.)

    Now don’t get me wrong…I kind of expected more and more ass-whippings from the Boomer clique but the issue is more critical in that he is from the older generation (The WWII…for us, The Tuskeegee Airmen, Negro League, Malcolm X, throwing ashtrays at hecklers, Ms. Uppity Negress Lena Horne’s generation) that really made me what I am. And that generation is Dr. King and Fannie Lou and Ella Baker’s generation of Civil Rights workers who were adults, young and old that worked together, that brokered space for Boomers and us. He is actually near Dr. King’s physical age and he should be ashamed.

    My college professors from that generation, the elders of the movement now in their seventies, were the ones that whipped me into shape in the late 1990’s right while alot of their peers were retiring to pass their positions of influence onto these vampires. I remember hearing them lament about leaving us in their hands. No one just ever made the issue mainstream where young people could understand it was not a war of hate but a war needed to learn how to love us, the younger people.

    Boomers were not the ones that wanted us to fight…except to fight for them in their fights. They just sucked our blood and stole our hopes…and brainwashed us to think like them. I peeped that in college that their was a distinct difference in characteristics and methodologies between the Black Elders and the Black Boomers on the campuses and in various institutions.

    Charles Rangel should know better.

    But a lot of people who are part of one generation identify with others. That’s not rare. It’s very common. Like Obama…he identifies with younger people because he was not a political pedigree even with all his Ivy-League cultivation. The Black Establishment is a cult and they are suspicious of educated Blacks who can use doctrine, data, and study against their scheming ways. They like marginal educated Blacks that won’t stand up, challenge, and ask questions.

    But Political Junkie…you are just a default Boomer…not a de facto Boomer. You are cool…you are a crusader. You take risks instead of broker. That’s the easy way out. Most people your age is too concerned about covering their ass than taking risks to tell the truth, try new things, and confront themselves.

    There are a lot of Black Boomers who hate their peers. They just never had a platform because it would be considered shameful. So they simulated like Cain and Abel, knowing that Cain would cut your throat. And when it comes to me, their child, standing up to them, it’s ultimate betrayal. I’m supposed to stay stupid and meek to wait, wait, wait while my hair grays and my bones start cracking.

    I am an Xer but most Black Xer peers of mine act like their Boomer parents. My peers don’t even know this about themselves. They are drones.

    You don’t act like a stereotypical Boomer because…you are not loyal. You out them. You just didn’t know you were working along the lines like Obama’s modus operandi. Because your interests are firmly more progressive and non-compromising you can’t see how you and he have the same objective in breaking the paradigm by shifting it first.

    And the CBC, Black Establishment, and Black Boomers know we, the “kids”, are less aware than our White counterparts about demographic characteristics, expectations, and forecasts. I hate that White Female dominance wanting to protect Ms. Anne in this campaign may end up protecting the Black Establishment. The irony is that White Females would probably outside of this political race would rather get rid of the Black Establishment too…for other reasons.

    When I was a schoolteacher we were given a document to read about human behavior by age demographics and it was so accurate about the properties and characteristics. This week when one of the young women asked me why she was not ready to lead, because she said in defense that she was only 24, I told her parents suppressed her adulthood along with Corporate America and the Black Establishment. I told her that Dr. King was 25 when he led and Barbara Johns was 16 when she cuss’d Thurgood Marshall out to get somebody’s ass down to Virginia to help them. Harriet Tubman was in her later twenties. She had no idea and I had to tell her that information is public. People knew she would not pay attention because they bred her and her peers how to think and how not to think.

    I had to explain to her in detail about how my and her generation was bred to be distracted with things and just hitch onto Boomer politics. We were coaxed by manipulation to think we had to be older through systematic steps when Malcolm was young and he definitely was not a conventional leader that intersected conventional sectors.

    I spoke at Busboys and Poets in 2006 about my gripe with Boomers and I really could not make any headway because the audience during the Q & As had no idea that each generation had specific issues and concerns. One sister who works at NOW told me she didn’t know what Boomers were. I thought, “HuH?” I bet she knows know and sees what I am talking about.

    They were all college-educated in the audience but immensely ignorant. And we were in the Langston room who was also young when he was being a trouble-maker with Zora and their clique. But I found out clearly in DC, my Black masters degreed and Ph.D and law school peers don’t really know shit. They’ve been mimicking the adults they saw and thought it would just click instead of realizing the Black Establishment Boomers wanted us to remain stupid, unorganized, and dependent on them.

    That night, my peers could not understand my platform and why it was relevant to them. They were like robots thinking if it mattered the people in charge would have told them and that is what I finally got through with this young twenty-something I had been tutoring for over a year.

    But to think about this new information you are offering: a woman leaving a (quasi) powerful woman leaving her husband at this late in life, that tells you how much he is a motherfucker. Thanks for the news because this does change the dynamics of me being skeptical that he was using her to forge a fake apology to Obama. Like when you mother said “Say sorry” and you rather try to do a nice thing instead of being stand-up and admit you were wrong. That is what I thought he was being slick with.

    Your information tells me she wanted to die in peace and with a clearer conscious. So yes…your information speaks volumes more than of just this race. This is eluded whispers of telling us she is detaching herself of the Black Establishment by joining aside Mrs. Moniyhan’s side at that fundraiser with press available to send messages to the Clinton machine and the Black Establishment would cuss word language she is speaking to them.

    I love liberation…especially if it is late in life. At least you got away and stop sleeping with the enemy.

  25. KD

    All of this “racial” stuff is just a lot of bullshit. The Clinton have not said one thing that any person with any sense would think is racists. If they had people would be acting like that normally do when any politician or newsperson does, protesting, etc. Can we all just stop the “Oh my Gosh, Bill Clinton just made a racial remark..sort of” stuff.

    All of these Black folks were praising the Clintons, noting and speaking about all of the good things they’ve done for the black community. But now that Obama is running people are talking about Clinton as he and his wife are horrible people and never did anything for anybody. The reason is obvious-like or hate either of them, they have a good record doing things for people and “Obamans” want to deny them the ability to use their credibility and history. Because he really doesn’t have any.

    So they’re steadily bring up race, saying the Clintons are actually the ones bringing it up. Unfortunately a lot of people and like and used to respect (Kerry Washington, Michael Baisden, Donna Brazile) are playing along. I listen to them talking about and they dont even know what they’re talking about half the time.

  26. Informed Voter

    How ignorant of you!

    The same people who are betting on black with Barack will suffer, and lose their homes and jobs under any administration he was a part of.

    He is all talk and no substance and leading people into an abyss.

    He is not even African American, does not know our issues, our struggles and living in a 1.6 million dollar home (gotten illegally), he probably won’t pass through your neighborhood to get to his.

    Wake up.

  27. jenn

    His platform is supposedly about unity and yet his supporters are full of hate and division. Just another clue that Obama and his supporters are full of shit.

  28. newman

    Let me get this straight, “Obama isn’t black”, “Obama isn’t like us”, “Obama don’t know what we go through”, “Obama don’t come to the hood.” (etcetra! etcetra! etcetra!)
    Well tell me this my brothas and sistas, What excuse do we give those people on the handkerchief list. They got certificates for all the issues mentioned. Yet, they still operate like they never smelled chittlins before.

    A lie is a terrible thing for anyone to utter, but I’m sorry people, there’s just something about when a WHITE WOMAN LIE! How many of our brothas were lynched because of those lies.

    When HILARY got caught lieing, that should’ve been enough right there for the handkerchief members to jump ship. But not the loyalist ones. Let them tell it, “THE BLACK HOLOCAUST” NEVER HAPPEND!


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