Congressman Foley resigns in disgrace, dooms GOP control


Congressman Mark Foley, 52 the House Chairman of the Missing and Exploited Childrens Caucus, resigned from the U.S. House of Hypocrisy today for soliciting sex from a minor, a male teenage House page.   The culture of corruption on capitol hill is nailing the coffin shut on GOP chances of retaining control of the House this fall.  This was a safe seat that is now in jeopardy.

I have no doubt that Nancy Pelosi will be elected the first female Speaker of the House.

Safe Negro Report #3 Obama stands up for Habeas Corpus


Our virtuous crusader, Senator Barack “Safe Negro” Obama, stood up for a principle this week.  We at the “Safe Negro Report” hope this continues.   The principle, Habeas Corpus, has been at the center of Anglo-American law for seven centuries, as explained by Senator Obama.  In short, it allows terror suspects and other criminal defendants ” to effectively challenge their detention by our government.”

 S. 3930 The Military Commissions act of 2006  allows our government to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely and without charge.  The bill also provides for no mechanism through which detention can be challenged.  On the basis of faulty intelligence and erroneous information, people have found themselves detained by our government with no recourse.

The bill is an insideous threat to international conventions which forbid torture because it allows for indefinite detention and in my mind, if passed, will help facilitate torture no matter what interrogation prohibitions happen to be written into law.

Our highest law enforcement official, Al Gonzales has proclaimed: The President has not authorized, ordered or directed in any way any activity that would transgress the standards of the torture conventions or the torture statute, or other applicable laws.

That is a boldfaced lie.

The Taguba report which examined the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq found “sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses.”  Among the abuses found were:

  • Threatening male detainees with rape.
  • Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick.
  • Using military police dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack

It should be of interest to all that children under twelve have been caught up and detained by the U.S. government and its coalition partners in the “War on Terra” and that they have been severely mistreated by the same in direct contravention of international law.

Former President Jimmy Carter in his book “Our Endangered Values” states that,  “…the International Red Cross, Amnesty International, and the Pentagon have gathered substantial testimony of the torture of children, confirmed by soldiers who witnessed or participated in the abuse.”

Let that sink in.  We have arrogated unto ourselves the right to detain someone’s child on the basis of unprovable suspicion and subject them to torture.  No wonder the majority of the world believes our President is the Devil.

In my mind, a government that cannot substantiate in a court of law its right to detain someone based on provable evidence of terrorist activity is certainly incapable of ever treating them humanely under the provisions of the geneva conventions. 

Senator Obama was correct to stand up for the principle of Habeas Corpus and support the Specter Amendement to this bill.  It puts him in the same league with all of his collegues running for President on the democratic side of the aisle: Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, and Kerry.

Conversely, his Republican collegues who see a president when they look in the mirror: McCain, Frist, Brownback, Hagel, and Allen, voted the opposite way;proving their ultimate unfitness for the Oval Office.

Watch it, George, your Homophobia is showing


U.S. Sen. George Allen


When I jokingly suggested yesterday that you hold a press conference with some black minstrels to address the explosive allegations surrounding your persistent use of the N-Word, I didn’t think that you’d actually do it.

You did, as the above picture attests.  God is soooo Good!  Everything I suggested you did, right down to the black preachers railing against same-sex marriage. Where did you find those Negroes?  Did you call rent-a-negro

If you didn’t call rent-a-negro, how did you “procure” their services?  I’ve heard that some “men of the cloth” are for sale, I just didn’t think y’all could round up so many.  I guess you’re so desperate to be pictured with friendly black faces that you’d say or do anything, pay anything to get them to “appear.”

Kidding aside, there is a serious matter I need to discuss with you.  No, Felix, I don’t mean the N-Word thing and your obvious lying.  It has to do with your homophobia and this B.S. event with the black preachers against same-sex marriage.

I’m afraid it just doesn’t look good for you to be defending yourself against charges of using racist epithets while engaging in a bigoted hatefest against the gay community.  It kinda validates the charges of racial animus and bigotry. 

As for the so-called “men of God” who participated in your mutual hatefest, I have this to say: Your ignorant musings about gay people are contrary to the biblical admonition to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  You are beneath contempt for allowing yourselves and your ministry to be used as one of George Allen’s weapons of mass distraction.

Mrs. Coretta Scott King, before her passing, made it clear what she thought about this question.  Her eloquence is illuminating, she said “Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood…this sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group.”

It should be clear to all those who are sentient that you are an unrepentant racist and homophobe that is undeserving of the honor of representing the commonwealth in the Senate. Your gay bashing, confederate nostalgia, and rank dishonesty regarding your malicious use of our nation’s most infammatory epithet consign you forever to the ashbin of history.

Memo to George Allen



TO: George Felix Allen, Jr.

FR: Skeptical Brotha

RE: Your obvious and unapologetic racism

I’ve got a bright idea George. How about you hold a press conference to address the allegations of your obvious and unapologetic racism surrounded by colored folks? What do you say? I am sure there is a plethora of right-wing Negroes willing and able to prostitute themselves once again to benefit a racist of your presidential stature.


Whom should you invite, you say? Well, for starters, I think you should invite some of those crackheads that endorsed Michael Steele last week. You know, for authenticity. Then you could send out a desperate S.O.S. to some of the black fools who’ve worked for you: Kay Coles James and the President’s personal shoplifter, Claude Allen. Claude who, you say? You know, he was Bush’s domestic policy advisor and the homophobic wingnut you tried to appoint to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. I am sure they can vouch for you in the most unbelievable fashion possible.

We cannot forget to invite the homegrown fools: Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey and State Senator Bennie Lambert. They’ve already embarrassed themselves before God and man by endorsing you already. Speaking of embarrassing Negroes, we cannot forget to invite Dr. Walter Williams, the hateful black conservative Economics professor atGeorge Mason University. There is a treasure trove of self-loathing Negro academics out there to choose from. You can extend invitations to Affirmative Action opponents Thomas Sowell, former Ambassador Allen Keyes, Shelby Steele, and last but not least, John McWhorter.

We should probably add some of the black battering rams against Affirmative Action you’ve voted to give federal appointments to. People like those Bush appointed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Peter Kirsanow and Gerald Reynolds, and Ashley Taylor, They’ve done an excellent job of doing nothing. You should also invite Ralph Boyd, the former assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights who helped gut proper enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.


Oh, my Lord. I almost forgot the religious right. We cannot forget them. We must not forget to invite that detestable slave girl on Pat Robertson’s plantation. She is the perfect one to inject a note of false religiosity. Preachers, you say? Yes, absolutely. You can invite that malevolent handkerchief head, Bishop Harry Jackson. He’s the guy that is so worried about same-sex marriage to the exclusion of damn near everything else that ails the black community. To the mix, we cannot forget to add Dr. Martin Luther King’s confused niece, Alveda King. She’s been bastardizing the dream for some time now.


If any of these people won’t accept your invitation you can always threaten to get President Bush to declare them enemy combatants and lock them up at Guantanamo.



Venue, you say? I think one of those black colleges you’ve helped so damn much by voting to cut $12 billion in student loans funds. Another perfect venue would be a plantation, near the slave quarters. That would definitely set the right tone.

The press conference should begin with y’all marching smartly to the dias with the group dressed in period slave attire and wearing blackface. After an ungrammatical opening prayer by Pat Robertson’s slave girl and a Negro spiritual warbled by Kay Coles James, preferably “nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen”, you can announce the formation of “Minstrels for George Allen,” to be chaired by the President’s personal shoplifter, Claude Allen and co-chaired by your number one Democratic sycophant, State Senator Bennie Lambert.

After another negro spiritual, you can begin the testimonials of praise. The minstrels can then sing the praises of good ole’ “Mr. George” and how good you are to the nigras. After a buckdance by Walter Williams and John McWhorter, you can begin your prepared statement disavowing any harmful intent by using the N-Word.

A surprise special guest, Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy can be brought to the podium to explain how inoffensive and common place the N-word really is. Then comes the real business at hand, the game of distraction. Alan Keyes, Harry Jackson, and Thomas Sewell can all give rambling discourses on the evils of same-sex marriage and the black family. They can reiterate your persistent opposition to the gay agenda and end their rambling talk with another word of ungrammatical prayer for you, “the man of God.”

The press conference can close with an upbeat musical number “carry me back to old virginny.”

Carry me back to old Virginny,
There’s where the cotton and the corn and tatoes grow,
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the springtime,
There’s where the old darke’ys heart am long’d to go,
There’s where I labored so hard for old massa,
Day after day in the field of yellow corn,
No place on earth do I love more sincerely
Than old Virginny, the state where I was born.


Whatever you do, for God sake, don’t take any questions from the assembled media.

Allen associates drop the dime



After holding back for 30 years, three former Allen associates from his UVA football days, took some time out this week from their busy schedules watching Allen’s nascent Presidential campaign to kill his ambitions in the crib. How nice. Isn’t it wonderful that these people knowingly allowed an unapologetic racist and confederate enthusiast the freedom to climb the political ladder holding four different offices: state legislator, congressman, governor, and U.S. Senator while they held back politically damaging information about his poorly concealed racial animus against African Americans. 

It does my heart good to know that for over a quarter century, a racist had free reign to make decisions on behalf of all Virginians in the general assembly and as Governor, and all Americans as a member of both houses of Congress.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to end parole in the commonwealth of Virginia.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to make non-revocable decisions on restoring the voting rights of African Americans felons.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to make clemency decisions on death penalty cases involving black inmates.  The damage is done and Michael Satcher and Ronald Bennett are dead.

I can think of no better example to illustrate the need for Affirmative Action. Do you hear me James Webb? Do you get it? 


James Webb vs. Affirmative Action



“Affirmative action, which originally sought to repair the state-induced damage to blacks from slavery and its aftermath, has within one generation brought about a permeating state-sponsored racism that is as odious as the Jim Crow laws it sought to countermand.”

Jim Webb in the Wall Street Journal

“The original intent of affirmative action expanded, and a lot of different ethnic groups who never suffered state-sponsored discrimination at all came under the rubric of affirmative action,”…the assumption that everyone who was white had a benefit and anyone who was not white didn’t have a benefit, it was not a fair assumption.” –Jim Webb in the Wash Post

“I think it’s time to either open this thing up to poor white groups or just go back to a level playing field–while keeping an eye on African Americans.” …”I’m a strong supporter of affirmative action in its original intent, which is to help African Americans.” -Jim Webb in the Wash Post

“I’m not sure where the real Jim Webb is, …”Why doesn’t he just do the manly thing and retract his statement, admit he was wrong, rather than trying to come up with these bizarre explainations?”

-VA State Senator Henry Marsh in the Wash Post

“He’s essentially articulated a positon on affirmative action that almost no one articulates today.”

-Prof Robert D. Holsworth, Virginia Commonwealth University in the Wash Post

The on again, off again nature of Jim Webb’s statements regarding affirmative action have caused a restlessness in the black community.  Seven members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus endorsed Webb’s opponent in the Democratic primary.  I have come to share some of the black members publicly articulated concerns regarding Webb’s conflicting positions on affirmative action.

Stephen Steinberg , a professor of Urban Studies at Queens College, has a stunningly apt analysis of so-called class-based affirmative action, the kind Jim Webb sees as being more fair.

Steinberg relates,…”the idea of class-based affirmative action is the brainchild of armchair theorists and political pundits with no political leverage or constituency.  Worse still, the suggestion that affirmative action should be class-based rather than race-based was advanced, not for its own sake, but as a second line of defense against the right-wing crusade to gut affirmative action.  It provided a rejoinder to the contention that it was unfair to give preference to the child of a black doctor over the child of a white miner or garbage collector. Class-based affirmative action never had a chance of being enacted as policy, but served only as a rhetorical foil in the affirmative action debate.”

“this explains why the idea of class-based affirmative action has been embraced by the very conservatives who spearheaded the crusade against affirmative action: Clint Bolick, Dinesh D’Souza, Clarence Thomas, Charles Murray, Richard Herrnstein, and Newt Gingrich. Essentially they have used the “class card” to trump the “race card.” They feign compassion for the working classes only to provide ideological cover for their assault on affirmative action.”

Advocates for class-based affirmative action conjure up, in Steinberg’s analysis, “the hackneyed argument that it is unfair to give preference to “the son of a black doctor over the son of a white garbage collector.” …”But that son of a black doctor is likely to find himself in competition with, not the sons of the white garbage collectors, but the sons of white doctors, who have not had to cope with the psychological liabilities and material disadvantages of being black in a white society. This is the rationale for giving a leg up even to the son of a black doctor.”

Steinberg continues, “Now let us think about that son of a white garbage collector. Granted, he has many liabilites to cope with in a society highly stratified by class. On the other hand, as a white man in a racially stratified society, he has access to coveted jobs in the blue-collar world that historically were the exclusive domain of white men. Indeed, in cities where garbage collectors were protected by union contracts, blacks could not even get hired as garbage collectors, much less as policemen or plumbers or assembly workers.”

Steinberg concludes, “In short, affirmative action is designed to address inequities of caste, not class.  It gives recognition to the fact, as an oppressed minority, blacks have had to deal with the impediments of race in addition to those of class. This is not to deny that there is a dire need to address the inequities of class as well as those of race.”

Webb’s positions, if taken as a whole, would dramatically weaken the benevolent effects of contemporary affirmative action programs and place them in the politically perilous position of benefiting blacks only, which is a good way to get affirmative action killed.

In my mind, this issue is a bone of contention that has not been removed by Barack Obama’s recent visit. Which, in and of itself is a kind of affirmative action program for white democratic candidates with foot-in-mouth disease on matters of race and class.

I, for one, ain’t satisfied.