The Audacity of Hype: Obama’s Meet the Press Interview



Like a toke on some good weed, Barack Obama has been inhaling the considerable smoke the eastablishment press has been blowing up his narrow behind. He acknowledged today on Meet the Press, that he will be seriously considering a Presidential bid after the Nov 7th midterm elections. Obama told Tim Russert that “Given the response I’ve been getting the last several months, I have thought about the possibility” although not with any seriousness or depth, Barack said. “My focus is on ‘06. … After November 7, I’ll sit down and consider it.”

This can only be considered bad news. As I’ve said before, the Clinton’s don’t play well with people not on the home team. He will have arrayed against him the most gifted political strategist in the history of the cosmos, Bill Clinton. It is going to be a very tough slog that he will have to grind out. I don’t think it is doable. The Clinton’s will be poised to annhilate him politically and it can be done with the help of the establishment press. His rhetoric of Hope will be snuffed out and he will be substantially outraised. I don’t care what the dreamy eyed liberals say.

Let’s assume the brotha does run. What is the strategy? Does he really think he can win Iowa and New Hampshire? Two states that ain’t got two Negroes to rub together? New Hampshire is 96.2% white. It’s black population is not even 1%. His popularity in Iowa notwithstanding, being a Senator from a neighboring state, does he really believe he can do this against the most formidable political juggernaut ever assembled for a non-incumbent democrat. These two states are the whole enchilada in the process with Nevada and South Carolina thrown in. This is the starting line up. After these four states go forward, its over.

Given his rhetoric about race and his emphasis on bringing people together, I don’t see how he can launch a candidacy and ignore Iowa and New Hampshire. This has been tried before by Jesse Jackson and Doug Wilder. Doug Wilder, former Governor of Virginia and now Mayor of Richmond attempted to make a case for his election as America’s first black President. His announcement speech is quite good and you can read it in the above link.

His candidacy was killed in the crib by a focus group of democrats in New Hampshire. You see, they liked his message and his background. When they found out he was black, they reacted negatively. The idea that Barack Obama is ready for this challenge at this time is just ludicrous to me right now. I think he needs more seasoning. There is nothing better than the Vice Presidency to get it. I think this should be the focus of his efforts and if you believe the same, shoot me an email at