Obama: Meet the Press Interview Clip


Talk to Me. Is Brotha Barack, the Safe Negro, Presidential sounding to you?


7 thoughts on “Obama: Meet the Press Interview Clip

  1. Dear Brotha:

    Apparently something changed his mind from finishing his term as senator. Perhaps someone who can make up his mind should be president (Tim Russert?)

    As usual I find your posts poignant, timely and to the point. One of the significant things about how blogs like yours change the way races are run is analogous to how Bush and Gore changed their speeches in light of the comments made on Saturday Night Live.

    Candidates usually run a smear campaign that sometimes becomes so terrible, voters usually end up voting for what appears to be the lesser of two evils. The value of blogs is that they give honesty about who the person who is running really is. For a candidate who has his eyes on a goal, a blog can be a benefit; instead of running to campaigns, (One for them and the other to smear their opponent) tehy can now simply point the voters in the direction of a blogger, such as you. This saves the candidate much money, for one. My small theory.

    The New G

  2. New G,

    Thank you for your eloquence and insight. Without people like you to converse with, my blog could not improve and the honesty with which I try to present my views would diminish. Thanks again for your moral support and kind words.

  3. Great video.

    Yes, he is sounding Presidential. But I was yawning a bit. Anyway, I tend to agree with Clinton and Russert’s assertions that it might be too early for Obama. Obama is certainly within his rights to change his position from January 2006, but he needs to be careful and more deliberate in his responses. The Republicans would eat him alive – like they did John Kerry on ’04 – on wishy washy statements.

    It seems like he was more thoughtful during this interview with Russert.

  4. Krammer

    I think he was able to calmly address the issue on the 2008 election. The conditions today are not going to be the same a month from now, and a “great’ leader is one that is responsive and alert about what’s best for americans not for 4-8 years, but for the long-term. I am not a citizen, but I sincerely believe the current save-your-face strategy by staying on course has become a disastor. I thought the republicans made a good stand on where they are, and where they wanted to go. But in todays politcally dynamic environment there comes a time when you will come across bumps, some republicans have failed at taking responsibility.

    The republicans have done an absolute marvelous job at driving politics by mere re-phrasing words, eg. Global warming – Climate change, Iraqi occupation – Iraqi freedom, Iraq strategy- Iraq tactics, hybrid vigor, dynamic, alert, responsive etc – wishy-washy. I am suspicious of politicians, but change seems inevitable. Only time can tell who will lead the change. The democrats don’t seem to have a concrete plan, and if they do, I think they are weary of the republicans implementing and later calling the success their own, or actually implementing it and purposefully and incrementally failing at it, so the end result would still burden the democratic side.

  5. Krammer,

    The jury is still out on Obama, but I remain semi-hopeful. The black folks that would potentially support him are not going to do so if he embarks on a HaroldFordesque Sellout agenda. As for the War, the ball is in the Bush Administration Court and the Iraq Study Group to come up with something workable.

  6. Michal C

    I think brotha Barack is still suffering from trying to give politically safe answers. For instance, Tim tried to pin him down on the dreaded “raise taxes” issue and it took three times before Barack finally said that yes, he would raise taxes on people like Warren Buffet and himself.

    Why was that so damn hard – I think a democrat needs to say it’s time for our progressively unprogressive tax system be fixed. Say it loud, say it proud.

    I think Barack is also still struggling to passionately answer the experience question. I mean think about it. Somehow he is having a hard time explaining to people that being the wife of a governor and The President is not “experience”. If Jack Welch’s wife (pick one) wanted to become the CEO of GE we would laugh her out of the room. Now, Hilary can claim the “co-president” role but I don’t think the public will really buy it. Especially since the one time she tried to lead a public effort resulted in setting back the discourse on health care for 15 years!

    And by the way, nobody had more experience than Cheney and Rumsfeld, and look where that got us.

    I just wish that Barack could show the same passion that he displayed in his speech at the Democratic Convention on a more regular basis.

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